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LightBeam3D is a 1- stop prototype shop.

Hi Resolution Printing

Creature by Scott 12 MM HEAD

Lightbeam3D has your options covered. Do You have the need for a 3 DimensionalHi-Resolution printer but can' t justify the cost? Do you need the part Tomorrow?

Bring your ideas, conceptions or designs to us and you'll be amazed how quickly your dream becomes reality. The Lightbeam3D technology will enable us to produce fast turnarounds even for multiple prototypes. Utilizing Digital Software, a respected artistic eye, and a time-tested experience of being able to satisfy even the most discriminating of clients. molding

Fast turnarounds even for multiple prototypes.

Here’s the technical low-down:

Lightbeam3D is bringing 3D rapid prototype manufacturing to your door to bring your files to life. Utilizing state of the art hi-resolution printing with the Perfactory3® SXGA+ W/ERM Mini Multi Lens. (DLP) Digital Light Processing technology from Texas Instruments, the Perfactory3® System produces the finest detail at 50μ - 25μ . The Perfactory3® System creates three-dimensional models that range from the conceptual to the fully functional.

Molding and casting for limited runs also available. The 3d artist can now bring their virtual art into the real world.

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