First: send us your design. This can be a technical drawing (preferred), an image file (from more than one angle), or just a scan. From your info we create a drawing suitable for the 3D computer software. This software then “approves” the model for production.  Then it kicks out a .stl (stereolithogrophy) file and sends it to the Magics software. This program then works it’s magic which cleans up any bad polygons ( missing pixels) and separates your Model from backgrounds, etc. After that, the file is sent to the Perfactory software.

This software sets the Model piece or pieces on the build tray and exports it to the printer’s onboard computer. And finally, the printer prints! Once the Model is printed all supports are cut off and the Model gets a finale cure in a UV oven. Now, your Model is complete.


Specializing in

  • 3 Dimensional Printing(Prototyping)
  • Traditional Sculpting –Clays & waxes
  • Digital Sculpting -Zbrush
  • Cad- Computer aided design
  • Short Run Tooling
  • Molding, (RTV) silicone
  • Casting (Urethane)


  • SI300
  • WIC 100G/15 (GREEN)
  • WIC 300/15 (YELLOW)
  • ESHELL 201 TAN
  • PIC 100 YELLOW
  • PIC 100G (GREEN)
  • R11 - RED
  • R5 - RED
  • R5 - GRAY

envisionTEC PIC 100/300 Series: The envisionTEC PIC 100/300 series was developed for investment casting, mostly for the jewelery and dentistry markets. It provides highest quality details without sacrificing on toughness and ease of handling.

While there are other wax-based materials out there used in model making, they tend to be far more brittle and harder to handle and finish when compared to the models built on the Perfactory® Systems using the PIC 100 resin Image building, e.g. up to 40 rings with different designs in less than eight hours, that is the speed of Perfactory® with envisionTEC PIC 100.

The envisionTEC R 05 and envisionTEC R 11 are liquid, photoactive resins that produce robust, accurate, and functional parts. The material offers superior chemical resistance, A wide processing latitude, and excellent tolerance to a broad temperature and humidity range during and after build. Parts created from envisionTEC R 05 and envisionTECR 11 exhibit superior fatigue properties, strong memory retention, and high quality up-facing and down-facing surfaces. It also offers a good balance of properties between rigidity and functionality. EnvisionTEC R 05 and envisionTEC R 11 are used for general prototyping, visualization and vacuum casting master patterns.

envisionTEC e-Shell 200/300 Series: The envisionTEC e-Shell series is a durable, opaque skin tone colored resin for use in Perfactory® and Perfactory Xede / Xtreme® systems. It is developed for adoption in hearing aids and otoplastics. The parts are CE certified for use as hearing aid products and Class-IIa biocompatible according to ISO 10993 (Medical Product Law). The material is available in different skin tone colors such as pink, tan, mocca, beige (envisionTEC e-Shell 200 series) and water clear, rosé clear, red and blue (envisionTEC e-Shell 300 series). EnvisionTEC e- Shell series mimics traditional engineering plastic ABS, which makes it usable in many other nonhearing- aid applications.

envisionTEC RC 25 (NanoCure): The envisionTEC RC 25 is a ceramic filled resin for use in Perfactory® and PerfactoryXede / Xtreme®systems. Parts created with envisionTEC RC 25 have an opaque peach color appearance. It is developed for applications requiring good temperature resistance, toughness, and stiffness, e.g. automotive components, pump housings, wind tunnel test parts, pump impellers, light reflectors, injection molds, hard chrome plating.

envisionTEC SI 500: The envisionTEC SI 500 is a high-speed, liquid resin that produces flexible, high-impact-strength, and accurate parts using Perfactory® systems.

envisionTEC SI 500 has a wide processing latitude and excellent tolerance to a wide temperature and humidity range during and after build.

This material is especially useful in functional applications where extreme flexibility and impact strength are critical requirements, e.g. automobile panels, electronic enclosures, medical products, snap-fit parts, packaging, and plastic bottles.